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Christmas in October

I really should go through old folders more often. Today, while searching for the outline of a story, I discovered several files I haven’t looked at in years. Among them were three chapters of an erotic romance (totally over ten thousand words) set in a fantasy world, five thousand words of the start of an urban fantasy murder mystery with a satyr and a selkie who have to join forces to solve the crime, and (brace yourself) one piece that’s over seventy-two thousand words, pre-editing.

72,000 words. More than a novel, and it’s only at the halfway mark of the story.

There’s yet another historical fantasy erotic epic set in a unique world that I haven’t tallied up yet, so far as word count goes, but I bet it rivals the big one.

Yeah. This is why it pays to check the dark, cobwebbed corners of your works in progress folders more often, people!

And here I thought I was behind in my making creative progress.

Edit: So I tallied up the word count on the previously untallied story and rushed back here all excited to update and then I couldn’t find the bloody edit button. How’s that for dumb? Almost as dumb as having another 32k words lurking in that works in progress folder.

You heard it here first, folks: Corinna is so much of a dork that she has over 100k of unpublished words just sittin’ around. ‘Cause because, that’s why.

I feel dum.

Edit #2: Also I suck at math. Make that 35k words.


Where in the world has Corinna been?

Well, friends, she has been trying to write! I don’t know what it is about this time of year but things have become ridiculous busy. Between work and family, it hasn’t always been easy to get words on a page, but I’ve been plugging away. Over 5000 words now on Sweet’s Dove, another 1000 on a modern BDSM lifestyle-submissive story (yet to be titled), and yet another 800 on a prequel to Wetware Dreams.

Call me an overachiever, and I won’t argue.

Aside from writing, I’ve also been quietly celebrating receiving some incredible reviews for the stories I have out there. They are so incredible that I feel compelled to share. Many of them come from Goodreads, and if you haven’t opened an account over there as a reader or an author, you are very much missing out. It’s a terrific site!

Here’s a review of Recess, from Anthony Beal, who gave it five stars:

This author’s usage of language and imagery to convey as well as evoke moods and feelings of arousal has earned a quick fan in me. Touching on a variety of sexual sensibilities, the title work and short pieces excerpted here have left me (much like Mrs. Pickman and other characters I look forward to meeting soon) wanting more, which is the best to which one can look forward with any story. Well done.

Also weighing in on Recess is Annie, from the UK:

I bought this on the recommendation of a reader at the `Free Erotica Today’ thread, it is free at dot com, but not in the UK, I downloaded `Recess’ anyway. The title story is a flash fiction piece, perfectly executed, well written, lyrical and wonderfully erotic.

The product description informs that the remainder of the book comprises extracts from Parr’s other titles, and I think it’s an excellent way to sample an unknown author’s work before buying. Even though Amazon UK hasn’t priced this book so that it’s free here too, seventy seven pence is a steal anyway. Nevertheless, I’ve clicked `tell us about a lower price’.

I’m going to buy Parr’s `A Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book’ next, I loved the opening line, `I can list every lover I’ve had. Their names are my poetry, my prayers’. I’m glad that I followed the advice to read this author. Highly recommended.

Can I just say it sucks that Amazon UK doesn’t follow Amazon US’s pricing? Sorry you had to pay for that one, Annie, it was intended to be free.

Ella Dominguez has weighed in on Love, Ink & Lycanthropes with another five stars:

I read the excerpt on Corrina’s blog and it was intriguing. The entire story, as short as it was, was incredible. I wish it hadn’t ended. I actually felt tears well up at the very last few lines. Damn. What a great story. Corinna really has a way with words and a wonderful way of telling stories. As writer myself, I envy her talent. This author should seriously consider making this particular story a series, because these characters deserve their continued saga to be told, and I really think she’s struck gold with this one. Please, MORE?

I absolutely recommend this short story.



NephilimAnd a Goodreads user named Spinster was kind enough to weigh in on Nephilim, giving it four stars:

Nephilim is a well-written, definitely dark book with a lot of tension and extreme actions. Although I personally really liked it, I wouldn’t recommend it to just any Victorian maiden. If you’re into more unconventional erotic literature (check the book description for details), it’s definitely worth a read. Or two. 😉

After a sudden and a little disorienting start the book picks up pace and intensity. I often find it difficult to connect with the heroines in erotica, they’re either too slutty or too whiny, but this time I had no problems. I could feel what she was feeling and understand why she reacted the way she did in a horrible situation. The possibility of the supernatural angle helps the reader from going too deep into the darker side and maybe accept the cruelties and the very steamy sex scenes a little better.

The book was a quick read (too quick if you ask me!) and perhaps my favorite part was the ending. It gives room for the reader’s imagination with a heap of mixed emotions: fear, excitement, trepidation, thrills, chills and curiosity. Definitely not a “Blah, this was it?” -ending and just right for the story.

For me Nephilim was well worth 4 stars

It probably goes without saying but I will say it anyway: Receiving reviews of this quality make me glow. Thank you Anthony, Annie, Ella, Spinster. And thank you as well, those of you who continue to support me, and read my stories. I will hopefully have something new for you to enjoy soon.