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Twelve Sentence Saturday!

Mackayla over at Mackayla’s Book Reviews is hosting a Twelve Sentence Saturday and I thought I’d join in on the fun.

Confession: I am a blog hop virgin! You don’t have to be gentle but remember the importance of foreplay and don’t be shy with the lube!

I chose my 12 from The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book 2.


With the light from the hallway filtering in behind her, I saw the same half-smile on her lips that she always wore. Then I lost sight of it when she bent down and set her mouth against mine.

In that first moment, the kiss was no more intimate than any kiss shared between friends. A kiss of greeting held more heat. I think she made it so to keep from frightening me, not knowing that I craved such things, every minute of every day. I took what she offered then and as the pressure of her lips on mine lingered, I learned the unique softness of a woman’s mouth. The fragile warmth, the delicate weave of her skin brushing mine, the tender give of flesh to flesh.

And then her tongue, oh, just the tip of her tongue as it teased by my lips, its shape asking me to open to her. A request rather than a demand, a sweet caress of heat and moisture and the first taste of her. Mint and salt and living breath washing over my tongue as my lips parted around that tendril of flesh, as my tongue brushed around hers.

This is the other difference between men and women: while Joanna kissed me, deeply and truly, she did nothing else. As if there was nothing in the world for her but my mouth beneath hers, the sharing between us of sensation. 

(If you’re intrigued, you can find the rest at Amazon or Smashwords for further sampling or purchase for only 99 cents!)


The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book, Part 2, now live on Smashwords and Amazon.com!

Fresh off the virtual presses! Click the cover for its page on Smashwords, or here to be taken to its page on Amazon.com.

In this sequel to The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book, our narrator’s sexual journey continues. Free of her parent’s strict control, she experiments with exhibitionism and voyeurism, enjoys her first sexual encounter with another woman and then tumbles into bed with two others– after suffering the pangs of jealousy and physical frustration from listening in to their passionate lovemaking.

This erotic short story of almost 6000 words brings together classic sensual poetry and a woman’s thoughts and feelings about her early bedroom romps; her reflections capture the best of both the physical and the emotional.


Wait, what? (Recess #6 on Amazon top 100 list!)

I tweeted about this when I first noticed it but I thought it was worth a blog post as well, and I’ve finally found a few free moments!

So, while I was paying attention to things that were not erotic (you know, like the job(s) and the kids and the cats and oh god all of that laundry; why can’t you be sexy, laundry?), Recess decided to sneak onto the Top 100 free erotica list on Amazon.com.

For serious. Have a look, it’s right there at number 6 (or maybe 7, it’s been fluctuating back and forth but mostly it’s at 6).

There I am, sandwiched between authors like Selena Kitt and Delilah Fawkes (she who led me to look into self-publishing erotica! Although she doesn’t know it because I’m shy; if you ever read this, Delilah, thank you!).

Let me say that again: I am on an Amazon top 100 list with Selena Kitt and Delilah Fawkes, two women who support themselves writing erotica. We  are in the top 10, eight months after I published my first erotic story. Okay, so are a lot of other people, and sure, it’s just the free stuff, but holy shit!

(No more profanity, I promise, I’ll save it for the next story! No more parenthesis either, honest, cross my heart.)

I spent about an hour and a half on the phone to my mother the other night exchanging “holy shit!”s with her, both of us squealing like co-eds with the quarterback’s hands in our panties. And I know that may seem odd, using an analogy like that when referencing one’s mother, but you have to understand my mom grew up in the 60s in California. I bet you a dollar she’s reading this and cackling.

Okay, maybe not. Sorry, Mom! No more schoolgirl analogies!

But she was right, when we finally stopped squealing and started actually talking, that this is just the beginning. The start of a life spent doing what I’ve always loved to do.

Why am I rambling on? Really, this is just a long lead into a HUGE thank you to those who have read my stories. I thanked you a few days ago and I meant it; I mean it even more now. You rock, every single one of you. With that sort of encouragement, how can I do anything other than continue writing?

Maybe next I’ll tackle putting more effort into marketing!

Okay, maybe not. Author, know thyself.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Look for The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book 2 later this week! I’ll be pricing it at $0.99!

Writing, writing, writing…

Keep that keyboard writing!

It’s been something of a challenge recently to keep the words flowing. I’ve taken on a second job and that combined with unseasonable heat seems to have sapped my creativity. However, with that said, I am in the process of working on two new pieces that should be done (relatively) soon!

First will be a sequel to The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book. Readers will be able to continue following the erotic adventures of our narrator as she moves out into the world and truly experiences life.

She’s blessed with a  spirited, open-minded, sensual existence that includes recognizing the potential for exhibitionism in a new apartment, her first sexual experience with another woman and her first threesome– as well as her first struggle with jealousy and her roommate’s steamy solution. I’ve been enjoying writing this. It’s been a challenge, yes, but it’s also been fun capturing a female/female sexual encounter in words– not just on the physical level but also on the emotional level.

Next will  be a collection of flash stories, each touching on a fresh and creative encounter. The title is still undecided but my recent forays into flash erotica have been well-received and I’d like to reward appreciation with more to whet the appetite. Flash is interesting because it’s so short– the challenge of creating a living snapshot with words without losing any vital and vivid detail is immense. It’s going well though, and I’m looking forward to seeing what reception it receives.

I’d also like to say thank you to the readers who have made the last few months such a joy for me, as a writer. I’ve received a lot of feedback and a lot of sales. It would be easy to write in a void, just for myself and for the enjoyment of writing; I’ve done it before. But to write what I love and then to put it out there online for others to enjoy as well, and to see such a response… it’s incredible.

Thank you. And thank you! And you over there, thank you as well! You’re why I do this, and why I continue to do this. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book and The Perfect Belt 25% off!

Do you have a craving for public sex, BDSM or the exploration of a young woman’s sexual awakening?

Use the coupon code REW25 at check-out and receive 25% off of both The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book and The Perfect Belt at Smashwords! Come celebrate Read an eBook Week with me!

The Perfect Belt
Dark-haired Cassandra receives an unexpected visit from her lover at the department store where she works. When he takes command of the situation– and of her– she discovers that no matter where she goes, no matter what she’s doing, she is always his girl. A heated exploration into the mind of a dominant man and the pleasure that can come of playing in public. (M/F, BDSM, oral sex, masturbation, public play)



The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book
Join our lusty narrator as she reminisces about the teenage encounters that made her what she is today: a woman who craves sex the way some crave chocolate! Warning: these memoirs contain masturbation in the shower, mutual masturbation in a school library, brazen seduction of a high school English teacher and a virgin’s deflowering! May cause sweaty palms, swelling and heart palpitations! (m/f x 2, masturbation, mutual masturbation, public sex, virgin sex)

The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book now available on Smashwords.com!

I’ve just published The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book to Smashwords and it is available for download in a number of e-book formats! Click on the image or here to sample or purchase a copy!


Join our lusty narrator as she reminisces about the teenage encounters that made her what she is today: a woman who craves sex the way some crave chocolate! Warning: these memoirs contain masturbation in the shower, mutual masturbation in a school library, brazen seduction of a high school English teacher and a virgin’s deflowering! May cause sweaty palms, swelling and heart palpitations!

(m/f x 2, masturbation, mutual masturbation, public sex, virgin sex, general naughtiness all around)

A free e-Book and my thanks!

Craving the Crop is now listed here on Smashwords.com! It’s a free quickie (a freekie?) with strong BDSM elements, including a paddling and boundary-pushing.


Enter the mind of a novice submissive as she’s bound, blindfolded, and punished to the edge of her limits. Just when she thinks she can’t take any more, she’s taken beyond. (m/f, bdsm, sex with objects, pain)

It’s now been a little over two weeks since I started publishing e-books to Smashwords and the response has been far beyond what I expected. Offering up a free story is a small way to say thank you to those who’ve had a look at the pieces published so far, and those who’ve purchased copies. Thank you for your support and thank you for reading!

The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book is done and should be making an appearance this weekend, or early next week. That means it’s time to start brainstorming what gets written next! Old school romance? More naughty teachers? Public sex seems popular, hmm….