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Curveballs and Novellas

After suffering an unexpectedly long stretch of health issues (although I suppose health issues are never entirely expected), I have finally clawed myself back to something approaching a normal rhythm to life. Really, it just hasn’t been my year! But hopefully with the weather turning and my energy levels gradually rising, things will take a turn for the sunny.

To those more curious about my recent writing than my absence, I have a treat for you! The novel I was working on just kept getting longer, and longer, and longer, so I’ve decided to portion it into three novellas for easier reading. The first is now published and available on both Smashwords and

Escape: Volume 1A young woman changed to serve the pleasure and schemes of a Fae Lord, the young man made a monster who both loves and torments her, and the secrets locked in her memory that hold the promise of their escape– if they can unlock them before they’re found by those who hunt them for other secrets…

Geneva awakens in an unfamiliar land to find herself with a strange body, stranger abilities and a champion who seems every bit as dangerous as those who want to re-capture her. With no memory of her time as captive and plaything for the Whispering Lord, she has no idea of the risk she runs by trying to flee…until a close encounter with one of His hunters educates the young woman. The adventures that follow are each more confounding than the last and she quickly comes to realize that she should trust no one– not the foul-tempered marionette who offers them sanctuary, nor the dark-skinned man who serves him, nor even her own companion, Stephen of the Coals…

But as her memories begin to resurface, she realizes that she may owe more to Stephen than she knows, and her feelings for him may go deeper than simple gratitude or affection. Will the choices she has to make to survive alienate the only person who seems to care for her? Is this an elaborate game being played on them by the Lord who wants them back? Is there a chance for safety ahead, or only deeper dangers, more cruel punishment?

Escape is a full-length novella, the first volume in a three part series exploring a modern dark fantasy borderland between the realm of Faerie, where reality is manipulated by the cruel inhuman desires of the Fae, and our own modern world. Some might call it literary erotica, others erotic literature but all agree– the story here is as toe-curling as the sexual tension!