eBook Covers for Sale

Polished cover art greatly enhances the effectiveness of a book to potential readers.  It’s your chance to make a first impression with those who might read your book. I am now offering my services as a graphic artist, providing pre-made cover art templates!All images shown in the gallery below are for sale. Once sold, the image will be yours and yours alone; it will not be available for purchase by others. The price for pre-mades includes small cosmetic alterations, such as lightening the image, darkening the image, changing the font style, or the color of the font or bars.

I will also take commissions for original cover art manipulations, created in collaboration with you. You can provide the image to be altered or I can find an image for you.

Email me at corinnaparr at gmail dot com to discuss the process or to place an order.

When ordering pre-made cover art, please include the following information:

Template #:  (Visible when you mouse over the image)

Title of Book:

Subtitle of Book, if applicable:

Author’s Name:

Requested Cosmetic Changes: (font style/color, bar color/size, lighter image, darker image.)

For original cover art, half of the price is due before I begin work on the piece with the remaining balance due upon completion, after revisions. For pre-made cover art, full payment is due upon completion, after revisions. Payment must be made to my PayPal address (provided via email) before delivery of image.

All images will be high quality, in a size that is acceptable to the standards at Amazon, Smashwords and all other major online retailers.


Pre-Made Cover Art: $30 US

Original Cover Art, Image Provided by You: $40 US

Original Cover Art, Image Provided by Me: $50 US

Available Covers:


Lethal Obsession

Kergulen by R. A. White

"The Art Dealer" by Megan West


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