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Captivity & The Wild Hunt at No Boundaries Press!

I don’t think I’ve gushed nearly enough about these ladies. Thank you. You’ve gone a long way to easing my distress over all of this.

I now have an Indie Author page over at the No Boundaries Press store. Captivity is available and The Wild Hunt should be up there soon as well (its inclusion has been delayed due to my having a synaptic misfire and sending Kharisma the files for a different story).

Links have been updated in the library (provided my brain didn’t malfunction there as well…no promises) and I think that brings me back to where I was before PayPal flexed its muscles.

Now I really can focus on what to write next. I’m torn between something simple and straightforward, like a m/m encounter, or getting a little fancy and setting myself up for a three parter involving a race of shape-changing mythological creatures in hiding in a modern day city…

Decisions, decisions.


My Lover, My Brother now live on Amazon.

I probably wouldn’t have been so determined to publish this one if it weren’t my very first naughty (step)siblings story. I finished it the very day PayPal brought the hammer down on Smashwords.

So, to see it up in lights on Amazon…that feels oh so good. I feel like doing an erotica-themed victory lap! Which will sadly have to wait until my gentleman returns home and is available to, ah, pace me. Ah well! Until then I will bask.

Click here to grab yourself a copy!

Smoking hot Lauren has returned from her first year of University wanting to catch up with her beloved step-brother Ryan. She’s caught off-guard by the sparks that fly between the two of them when Ryan spies her skinny-dipping in the pool. And when she stumbles across her step-brother in a compromising position with an old high school acquaintance during a lakeside bonfire party, Lauren realizes that resisting her perverted desires is a lot harder than it should be!

Warning: This erotic short story of over 7000 words is intended for adult readers only! Expect strong language and explicit scenes of consensual sex between two unrelated adults.

Captivity and The Wild Hunt (briefly) unpublished

Captivity and The Wild Hunt are no longer available at Smashwords; I’ve just swept them into the archive over there. Bummer, right?

Except no! They’re not disappearing entirely. Tomorrow I’ll be submitting them both to the folks over at No Boundaries Press. They’ve gone above and beyond to provide an option to those who’ve seen their publishing library stripped of content. I have to give them kudos for not only providing this option, but also for responding quickly with all of the information I needed to make my decision.

Thank you, Kaleigha and Kharisma. You’re good people.

If anyone else has been affected by this, I can’t recommend No Boundaries Press enough as an alternative for your too naughty for PayPal books. See that hyperlink there? Click it.

Once everything’s been submitted and accepted (I know you folks must be swamped over there), I’ll be updating the Library tab above to reflect new links.

In a way, this has turned out to be a positive thing. Instead of just remaining content with one site (convenient as Smashwords is to those of us without experience in indie publishing), I’ve gotten off of my pert little derriere and also looked into publishing through Amazon. More options are a good thing, right?


More thoughts on PayPal’s latest erotica ban.

I’ve had an evening and most of today to think more about this and how it affects me. I’m still not sure if I’m more angry or more worried about the future implications.

This probably won’t come as a surprise to many female readers of erotica, but I like me some rape fantasies. Now, I say that as a survivor myself. I’ve been through the real thing and yet I still enjoy reading erotica that contains force, non-consensual and dubious consent themes. It’s just one of those things and I haven’t really put a great deal of thought into the hows and whys of it; it simply is, for me. If I were going to get intellectual about it, I’d probably say it allows me to take back control of my sexuality but really…reading a well-written force scene curls my toes, end of story. Writing one gets my pulse racing. I like the stuff.

I’m also a lifestyle submissive who has a love for BDSM themes, another area that tends to draw sidelong looks and raised eyebrows for those with no interest in the area.

PayPal has said no depictions of rape. Mark Coker has said depictions of rape have no place anywhere, not even in erotica, if the purpose is to titillate. Judgments are being made that have an effect not only on what I hope will become my livelihood but on me as a person.

I don’t like that much and it does make me worry what might be stage two of the smut purge. Incest, even pseudo-incest (why is it a banning offense to write about two consenting adult step-siblings doing it?), rape and bestiality in written form, gone. Next? BDSM? It’s another of those subjects that raises eyebrows. It’s a grey area so far as consent goes. Yes, initial consent is given but for people who consent to and enjoy boundaries being pushed, we recognize that outside observers might not see it as being full and complete consent. So far it doesn’t seem that M/m or m/m stories are being targeted (quite the opposite, on some sites they’re being ignored even as their het pairing counterparts are being taken down?) but with it being election year and so many Conservatives making the perils of gay anything a talking point, that might well change.

And then there’s just the fact that I don’t much appreciate anyone telling me what I can and cannot write. Even if I never intended to write a blatant bestiality story for public consumption (most of my stuff tends to go into the realm fantastic for that sort of thing), being told I can’t makes me want to write that. All of a sudden, all of my non-best/non-incest/non-rape ideas have flown out the window and all I can think about are the story seeds I was saving that had those elements.

Going forward in this is also going to be a little like the literary equivalent of picking my way through a minefield, in which I second guess every step I make while wondering if I’m treading a little too close to some arbitrary line of disapproval.

That takes some of the fun out of it.

Mr. Coker, as an author on Smashwords I understand why you chose to make the call you did. I do get it, PayPal has everyone’s metaphorical balls in a vise. I would like to think that you are going to look for a way to allow those of us with tastes in literature that you don’t share to continue using your service. I like Smashwords, I don’t want to take my work elsewhere; you’ve created a site that has the ease of use and services that I have been looking for.

But I am very, very disappointed. And a little sad that you think my tastes have no place in erotica…although, upon rereading that, you know what? What you think doesn’t matter so much. PayPal too. Yes, what I can put out there for public consumption has been limited in several ways, but no one chopped my fingers off. May you never find yourself in a situation where your personal choice in fantasy is set up for public judgment. Really, it isn’t fun. But it’s also not the end of the world.

All right, ramble and mourning over.

Approaching this practically, my options are:

1) To continue writing whatever the hell I want and just vary my submission patterns a bit. Split up where I’m sending things. A little clunky (especially for someone who is still learning the ins and outs of ebook publishing) but it would probably allow me the greatest freedom from censorship. Might be a little tricky since while Amazon may allow pseudo-incest, last time I checked they weren’t allowing works of non-consent. Can anyone tell me whether that’s accurate?

2) Stick with Smashwords for the moment in the hope that an alternative presents itself for those of us who have certain tastes. Write what I want to write but stockpile the pieces that are considered worthy of censorship. Maybe even offer them for free (or some of them. I have bills accumulating!)

3) Write what I want to write and put publication in any venue on hold for now until the dust settles, and we get a better view of the landscape, post-purge. Maybe look into PayPal alternatives and setting up my own site where I can sell what I want without the morality police breathing down my neck about my (and my readers’) personal tastes in fantasy.

Right now, these all have their pros and cons. I suppose the simplest first step to take is to re-work My Lover, My Brother into pseudo-incest and throw it over to Amazon. The possibility of them being childhood friends and next door neighbors exists as well but I think that would require more re-working of the story and after spending the better part of a week working on it, I don’t know if I want to spend another week re-writing it.

Meh. Meh I say.

Ouch. Smashword’s new erotica policy.

Or I suppose I should say, ouch, PayPal turning the screws to force Smashwords to adopt a new policy.

I just opened up my email to discover a new message from Mark Coker outlining the changes regarding rape/noncon erotica, bestiality and incest. It’s a bit of a double blow (ha) to me: two of the five stories I have published so far involve non-consensual scenes, and the story I was intending to publish tonight was twin incest-themed.

It looks like I’ll have to pull The Wild Hunt and Captivity from my library, which is a shame. Captivity, especially. That one wasn’t written with rape as titillation in mind; it actually comes as the prologue for a novel-length exploration of an alternative historical world. I think it stands on its own as literature (but I admit to some bias).

I’ll be pulling them down shortly, if there’s anyone out there who wants to grab a copy ASAP. And it seems I’ll have to return to the drawing board to write up a new story for publication. A week’s worth of work, for nothing! Ah well, I’m pleased with the cover anyway and it was decent practice. See?

Now to dream up what to write next.

Edit: Just re-read the email. The Wild Hunt and Captivity will remain online on Smashwords (and presumably on Barnes & Noble, for the first) until Sunday night, then they come down. There’s your deadline, alternative historical fantasy non-con lovers!

The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book now available on!

I’ve just published The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book to Smashwords and it is available for download in a number of e-book formats! Click on the image or here to sample or purchase a copy!


Join our lusty narrator as she reminisces about the teenage encounters that made her what she is today: a woman who craves sex the way some crave chocolate! Warning: these memoirs contain masturbation in the shower, mutual masturbation in a school library, brazen seduction of a high school English teacher and a virgin’s deflowering! May cause sweaty palms, swelling and heart palpitations!

(m/f x 2, masturbation, mutual masturbation, public sex, virgin sex, general naughtiness all around)

A free e-Book and my thanks!

Craving the Crop is now listed here on! It’s a free quickie (a freekie?) with strong BDSM elements, including a paddling and boundary-pushing.


Enter the mind of a novice submissive as she’s bound, blindfolded, and punished to the edge of her limits. Just when she thinks she can’t take any more, she’s taken beyond. (m/f, bdsm, sex with objects, pain)

It’s now been a little over two weeks since I started publishing e-books to Smashwords and the response has been far beyond what I expected. Offering up a free story is a small way to say thank you to those who’ve had a look at the pieces published so far, and those who’ve purchased copies. Thank you for your support and thank you for reading!

The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book is done and should be making an appearance this weekend, or early next week. That means it’s time to start brainstorming what gets written next! Old school romance? More naughty teachers? Public sex seems popular, hmm….