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Where in the world has Corinna been?

Well, friends, she has been trying to write! I don’t know what it is about this time of year but things have become ridiculous busy. Between work and family, it hasn’t always been easy to get words on a page, but I’ve been plugging away. Over 5000 words now on Sweet’s Dove, another 1000 on a modern BDSM lifestyle-submissive story (yet to be titled), and yet another 800 on a prequel to Wetware Dreams.

Call me an overachiever, and I won’t argue.

Aside from writing, I’ve also been quietly celebrating receiving some incredible reviews for the stories I have out there. They are so incredible that I feel compelled to share. Many of them come from Goodreads, and if you haven’t opened an account over there as a reader or an author, you are very much missing out. It’s a terrific site!

Here’s a review of Recess, from Anthony Beal, who gave it five stars:

This author’s usage of language and imagery to convey as well as evoke moods and feelings of arousal has earned a quick fan in me. Touching on a variety of sexual sensibilities, the title work and short pieces excerpted here have left me (much like Mrs. Pickman and other characters I look forward to meeting soon) wanting more, which is the best to which one can look forward with any story. Well done.

Also weighing in on Recess is Annie, from the UK:

I bought this on the recommendation of a reader at the `Free Erotica Today’ thread, it is free at dot com, but not in the UK, I downloaded `Recess’ anyway. The title story is a flash fiction piece, perfectly executed, well written, lyrical and wonderfully erotic.

The product description informs that the remainder of the book comprises extracts from Parr’s other titles, and I think it’s an excellent way to sample an unknown author’s work before buying. Even though Amazon UK hasn’t priced this book so that it’s free here too, seventy seven pence is a steal anyway. Nevertheless, I’ve clicked `tell us about a lower price’.

I’m going to buy Parr’s `A Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book’ next, I loved the opening line, `I can list every lover I’ve had. Their names are my poetry, my prayers’. I’m glad that I followed the advice to read this author. Highly recommended.

Can I just say it sucks that Amazon UK doesn’t follow Amazon US’s pricing? Sorry you had to pay for that one, Annie, it was intended to be free.

Ella Dominguez has weighed in on Love, Ink & Lycanthropes with another five stars:

I read the excerpt on Corrina’s blog and it was intriguing. The entire story, as short as it was, was incredible. I wish it hadn’t ended. I actually felt tears well up at the very last few lines. Damn. What a great story. Corinna really has a way with words and a wonderful way of telling stories. As writer myself, I envy her talent. This author should seriously consider making this particular story a series, because these characters deserve their continued saga to be told, and I really think she’s struck gold with this one. Please, MORE?

I absolutely recommend this short story.



NephilimAnd a Goodreads user named Spinster was kind enough to weigh in on Nephilim, giving it four stars:

Nephilim is a well-written, definitely dark book with a lot of tension and extreme actions. Although I personally really liked it, I wouldn’t recommend it to just any Victorian maiden. If you’re into more unconventional erotic literature (check the book description for details), it’s definitely worth a read. Or two. ūüėČ

After a sudden and a little disorienting start the book picks up pace and intensity. I often find it difficult to connect with the heroines in erotica, they’re either too slutty or too whiny, but this time I had no problems. I could feel what she was feeling and understand why she reacted the way she did in a horrible situation. The possibility of the supernatural angle helps the reader from going too deep into the darker side and maybe accept the cruelties and the very steamy sex scenes a little better.

The book was a quick read (too quick if you ask me!) and perhaps my favorite part was the ending. It gives room for the reader’s imagination with a heap of mixed emotions: fear, excitement, trepidation, thrills, chills and curiosity. Definitely not a “Blah, this was it?” -ending and just right for the story.

For me Nephilim was well worth 4 stars

It probably goes without saying but I will say it anyway: Receiving reviews of this quality make me glow. Thank you Anthony, Annie, Ella, Spinster. And thank you as well, those of you who continue to support me, and read my stories. I will hopefully have something new for you to enjoy soon.


Wait, what? (Recess #6 on Amazon top 100 list!)

I tweeted about this when I first noticed it but I thought it was worth a blog post as well, and I’ve finally found a few free moments!

So, while I was paying attention to things that were not erotic (you know, like the job(s) and the kids and the cats and oh god all of that laundry; why can’t you be sexy, laundry?),¬†Recess decided to sneak onto the Top 100 free erotica list on Amazon.com.

For serious. Have a look, it’s right there at number 6 (or maybe 7, it’s been fluctuating back and forth but mostly it’s at 6).

There I am, sandwiched between authors like Selena Kitt and Delilah Fawkes (she who led me to look into self-publishing erotica! Although she doesn’t know it because I’m shy; if you ever read this, Delilah, thank you!).

Let me say that again: I am on an Amazon top 100 list with Selena Kitt and Delilah Fawkes, two women who support themselves writing erotica. We¬† are in the top 10, eight months after I published my first erotic story.¬†Okay, so are a lot of other people, and sure, it’s just the free stuff, but holy shit!

(No more profanity, I promise, I’ll save it for the next story! No more parenthesis either, honest, cross my heart.)

I spent about an hour and a half on the phone to my mother the other night exchanging “holy shit!”s with her, both of us squealing like co-eds with the quarterback’s hands in our panties. And I know that may seem odd, using an analogy like that when referencing one’s mother, but you have to understand my mom grew up in the 60s in California. I bet you a dollar she’s reading this and cackling.

Okay, maybe not. Sorry, Mom! No more schoolgirl analogies!

But she was right, when we finally stopped squealing and started actually talking, that this is just the beginning. The start of a life spent doing what I’ve always loved to do.

Why am I rambling on? Really, this is just a long lead into a HUGE thank you to those who have read my stories. I thanked you a few days ago and I meant it; I mean it even more now. You rock, every single one of you. With that sort of encouragement, how can I do anything other than continue writing?

Maybe next I’ll tackle putting more effort into marketing!

Okay, maybe not. Author, know thyself.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Look for¬†The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book 2 later this week! I’ll be pricing it at $0.99!

Writing, writing, writing…

Keep that keyboard writing!

It’s been something of a challenge recently to keep the words flowing. I’ve taken on a second job and that combined with unseasonable heat seems to have sapped my creativity. However, with that said, I am in the process of working on two new pieces that should be done (relatively) soon!

First will be a sequel to¬†The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book. Readers will be able to continue following the erotic adventures of our narrator as she moves out into the world and truly experiences life.

She’s blessed with a ¬†spirited, open-minded, sensual existence that includes recognizing the potential for exhibitionism in a new apartment, her first sexual experience with another woman and her first threesome– as well as her first struggle with jealousy and her roommate’s steamy solution. I’ve been enjoying writing this. It’s been a challenge, yes, but it’s also been fun capturing a female/female sexual encounter in words– not just on the physical level but also on the emotional level.

Next will ¬†be a collection of flash stories, each touching on a fresh and creative encounter. The title is still undecided but my recent forays into flash erotica have been well-received and I’d like to reward appreciation with more to whet the appetite. Flash is interesting because it’s so short– the challenge of creating a living snapshot with words without losing any vital and vivid detail is immense. It’s going well though, and I’m looking forward to seeing what reception it receives.

I’d also like to say thank you to the readers who have made the last few months such a joy for me, as a writer. I’ve received a lot of feedback and a lot of sales. It would be easy to write in a void, just for myself and for the enjoyment of writing; I’ve done it before. But to write what I love and then to put it out there online for others to enjoy as well, and to see such a response… it’s incredible.

Thank you. And thank you! And you over there, thank you as well! You’re why I do this, and why I continue to do this. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

“The Art of Submission” by Ella Dominguez! Free sample!

The Art of Submission by Ella DominguezYou like free stuff! I like free stuff! And we all can agree that free is even better when it contains liberal amounts of BDSM.

I recently had the pleasure of working on some cover art for Ella Dominguez. She made it a pleasure in two ways: providing a terrific starting image in the form of a painting by Rebekka Ivacson (used with permission), and by sharing with me the synopsis of a story that naturally piqued my interest.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for¬†BDSM, bondage, and oral.

Ella’s novel is currently in review and hopefully soon to arrive but she’s published a sample on Amazon.com, which can be found by clicking on the image over there. It isn’t just one chapter but five for your personal enjoyment.¬†I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you have an interest in seeing into the hearts and minds of people on both sides of the BDSM equation.

Thank you, Ella!

Book Description:

Isabel is a shy artist with an abusive past who has a very vivid fantasy life and unexplored unusual sexual tastes. When her very private and naughty-natured artwork is sold without her permission, she sets out to try and retrieve her precious paintings, unaware that the buyer has dark sexual tendencies.

Dylan Young is an eccentric businessman and art collector with very specific tastes in women and sex, and serious trust issues. When he comes upon a very erotic set of paintings, he purchases them and they ignite a want and need for the alternative lifestyle he was forced to give up.

When the two meet, Dylan immediately picks up on Isabel’s submissive nature and hatches a wicked plan to teach Isabel about his alternative lifestyle. He wants nothing more than to get his hands on more of her paintings and her body.

Their affair is intensely physical and despite Dylan’s wanting only a sexual relationship with distinct boundaries, he can’t resist her spirited nature and her immense talent. But Isabel has a hidden dominant streak that only Dylan brings out. Can they be a good match when they both yearn for control?

“Syrinx Debauched” now live! 100% free erotica!

Because I love flash fiction and because my readers are the best readers and because it’s been such a terrific year for me, I’ve published another free story as a thank you! Click on the image to be taken to Smashwords where¬†Syrinx Debauched is now available, and look for it on Amazon.com soon as well! This one is explicit and touches a toe right against the line of what is accepted and what is strongly taboo, so proceed with caution!


London, during the last years of the seventeenth century. When lovely actress Arabella is commissioned to perform a scene composed by a mysterious gentleman, she looks forward to his patronage and steels herself for his advances. But nothing can prepare her for what will transpire in the empty theater, involving a lustful madman and a chase of Pan and Syrinx that becomes all too real.

“Syrinx Debauched” is erotic flash fiction of more than 1000 words and contains themes of dubious consent, public sex, and feral rutting. In addition to this, you also receive four steamy excerpts from some of the finest erotic stories written and published by Corinna Parr!




In the Works

Hello, internet! And a special hello to my international readers. This week has been a fruitful one for visits from all over the world. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? People from places I’ve seen only in books and television are popping in to have a peek.

Special thoughts go out to those in Indonesia who’ve been hit by not one but two immense earthquakes. I hope you’re safe and well.

A brief update here, it’s been busy and I haven’t written as much as I would like, but I’m a thousand words into my next story and working on nailing down the setting and plot points for another one. The rest of my free time has been spent playing with cover art, which continues to be a source of fun and inspiration. It almost makes me wish I’d gone to school to study graphic art but I admit I’m probably happier being self-taught.

Current story in the works is Camping with Daddy (the alternate title is Pitching His Tent because it is an option that makes me giggle. I probably won’t go with it though since the story elements are a little more somber), which will explore the beginning of a pseudo-incest relationship between a step-father and his step-daughter, following the death of his wife and her mother. I’m going to be dipping into themes of grieving, conflict, bonding…things common to everyone, I think. And of course, spiciness between the two, as temperatures dip in the mountains and they’re forced to huddle together in a single sleeping bag to stay warm.

Nephilim¬†(past title, The Angel’s Child) has been submitted for Eden Connor’s transgressive erotica anthology. I’m proud of how that one turned out, and with how much I wrote for it. Not quite ten thousand words, but close.

The other story I mentioned, the one still being plotted out, is titled Wetware Dreams and is going to combine post-apocalyptic and cyberspace settings. How? Stay tuned to find out!

Craving the Crop has been selling like mad this past week and a half. It’s broken all of the previous records for my story sales and continues to do well, which is heartening. It really isn’t my strongest piece of writing, I have better works out there, but it’s captured readers’ fancy and I’m glad for that. I hope you’re all enjoying it!

And because I feel like showing off a little, have some cover art! If you have a favorite, let me know!

Feedback and Writing for the Reader

We’re closing in on the two month anniversary of Corinna’s experiment in writing erotica for the public eye and I have to say, it’s as much fun and excitement now as it was when I started. Veteran writers might chuckle, as I’m still firmly in the honeymoon period. It’s all still new! It’s still fresh! It’s still very, very uncertain if I have the chops to maintain a presence in this niche!

As of this posting, I have sold 45 copies of my stories, and had 2 refunds. I’m averaging a story sold each day but I have no idea if that’s better or worse than the average. I have read accounts of authors who were able to quit their day jobs after six months; I suspect that is not a decision I’ll have to make four months from now.

There is a visceral satisfaction to knowing that there are people reading and possibly enjoying what I’ve put out there. Thus far my short stories haven’t received many reviews. I believe I have two comments on Smashwords and one of them wasn’t the most encouraging, though it did allow that the scenario was well-polished.

Of the stories that have sold well,¬†My Lover, My Brother has been the most popular. This wasn’t a surprise; incest is a perennial favorite and I knew it would do well. But the reception to some of my other works has been surprising. I thought for certain that¬†Captivity would do better than¬†The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book, for instance, as Captivity is my favorite of the stories in my library; I think it’s the most sharply crafted and fully realized of my stories, erotica with a strong plot and a compelling world filled with intriguing characters.¬†The Zodiac Club is another one that curled my toes and pleased my muse while I was working on it, and it remains in the middle of the pack so far as popularity goes.

Sales, for me, are less about the money coming in and more about the readers out there saying, “Yes, yes, this is something done well and we’d like to read more!” Sales are the only feedback I have at this juncture on what I’m doing right. You don’t write erotica if you don’t want to turn other people on and you judge whether you’ve performed that function by how well a story does, the comments it receives, its ranks among your library. I write for myself, for the pleasure and craft of it, but I write for my readers as well. And at the moment, I’m not sure I’m tickling their fancy as much as I’ve tickled my own.

My purpose in writing this post is to invite feedback beyond purchases from my readers and potential readers. After two months, what have you liked about the stories I’ve offered? What do I need to continue working on? ¬†There is always room for improvement. I can look at my own library and think of a thousand and one ways I could tweak things– longer stories, lower prices, classier covers, more explicit covers, more sex, adjusted language (I confess, the word “pussy” still makes me giggle like a schoolgirl), dialing back the focus on unique settings and plot elements as a vehicle for the erotic, increasing those elements to create more fully realized worlds and characters…

There are so many directions I can go in but my purpose is to please you as much as it is to please myself. None of those changes would tarnish my vision or purpose for my writing. I don’t feel I’ve done poorly, I’m proud of what I have so far, but pointers and critique are always welcome. So if you feel moved to do so, please do comment. Here, or through email (corinnaparr at gmail dot com). I invite your feedback and thank you for it, as well as for the encouragement shown thus far.

And now, back to writing. Today I will hit my word count mark for my anthology submission, come hell or high water. I have coffee, I have sunshine and soft breezes coming in through my window and all of the time in the world. Hello, weekend!