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Escape: Volume Two now available at Smashwords and Amazon!

Escape, Volume Two

 Geneva and Stephen are changelings: humans transformed by the power of Faerie, on the run from the Fae Lord who stole them away from the mortal world.

In this second installment of their story, Geneva and Stephen learn more about the strange borderland they now occupy, and gain new traveling companions: a malevolent animated puppet, a lusty pixie and Clybourn, a man who was once as they were– human– but far, far older. While navigating strange new bargains, powerful talismans and the puppet Punch’s foul sense of humor, they also rediscover the heated and dangerous intimacy they shared covertly under their master.

This is a novella sequel of modern fantasy, darkness, danger, romance, sex, and perhaps even love. It is intended for audiences who appreciate dark humor, erotic adult situations and above all else, a good story.

Available for purchase at Smashwords or Amazon.