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Into the Dreaming City Into the Dreaming City

Imagine a post-apocalyptic wasteland populated by ragged survivors. Morals have gone the way of civilization; when young Dorothy’s family encounters a band of desperadoes, poor choices on both sides lead to her being taken as a prize by the group. Afraid and overwhelmed by new experiences, exposed to events she’d never imagined, her survival hangs in the balance, dependent upon a decision made by the group’s leader– will she remain with them or will she be sold to the caretakers of The Dreaming City? Prequel to Wetware Dreams! (M/f, mmmm/f, non-con, force, kidnapping, post-apoc)



What happens when a lifestyle submissive who’s lost her husband-owner of many years and a novice dominant who hasn’t yet found his stride in the scene meet?

When Caroline is approached by Joshua with an unusual proposition, she hesitates– she hasn’t scened with anyone other than her late husband since before she was married, and she’s only just set aside her grief over losing her chosen master. But she can’t deny that there’s something endearing about Joshua, and there’s an itch that she hasn’t been able to scratch in years, one that he might be able to satisfy. (BDSM, M/f, scratching, spanking, oral, breast-slapping)


Flash: A Collection of Erotic Shorts

A TV anchorwoman is abducted and held captive by a mysterious man who professes feelings for her, but who seems to draw strength from her suffering. As the last days of high school trickle away, a geek gets lucky in the back of his friend’s car. Two strangers play a game of exhibition and arousal on a crowded subway train. A young wife pleads for her husband’s job with the manager of a taxi company, and ends up buying his cooperation with her own body.

Flash is a collection of four short stories, together totaling over 6000 words, that showcase erotic topics from sweet to spicy, pleasurable to painful. Whether you prefer to savor slowly or consume all at once, there’s something for everyone in this erotically charged collection. (first time sex, oral sex, dubious & non-consent, reluctance, cuckolding, BDSM, exhibitionism & voyeurism)


The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book: Part 2

In this sequel to The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book, our narrator’s sexual journey continues. Free of her parent’s strict control, she experiments with exhibitionism and voyeurism, enjoys her first sexual encounter with another woman and then tumbles into bed with two others– after suffering the pangs of jealousy and physical frustration from listening in to their passionate lovemaking.  (literary erotica, voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, first lesbian encounter, ff, threesome mff, oral sex)



When a young woman awakens in a white room, without any memory of how she came to be there, she finds herself the captive of a cruel but strangely alluring man. Sam, as he calls himself, tells her that she’s the descendent of angels and that her heritage is the key to unfathomable power– if she has the strength to undergo the process of unlocking her abilities. That process tests both her body and her spirit as she is subjected to the highest peaks of pleasure and the most terrible pain that she can imagine. Through it all, as Sam stakes his claim to her very being, she has to struggle with one crucial question: is she being held by a madman or is she the Earth’s last Nephilim? (non-con, rough sex, anal sex, bondage, S&M, knife play, erotic branding, pseudo-incest, paranormal suspense)


Syrinx Debauched

Another free erotic offering! London, during the last years of the seventeenth century. When lovely actress Arabella is commissioned to perform a scene composed by a mysterious gentleman, she looks forward to his patronage and steels herself for his advances. But nothing can prepare her for what will transpire in the empty theater, involving a lustful madman and a chase of Pan and Syrinx that becomes all too real. Includes four substantial excerpts from other stories by Corinna as well! (dubious consent, rough sex, two on one, sex in a theater, historical literary erotica)


The Zodiac Club: Part 2

Rakish dominant Gemini returns in the continued story of the Zodiac Club, a sexual secret society where all fantasies can come true. When Gemini is presented with the nubile twins April and Miranda Greene, both his desires and his suspicions are aroused. Do they really want him to introduce them to the delights of sexual submission, or has a rival sent them to catch his eye? In a game of pleasure and pain, Gemini must force the truth from the Greene sisters– and bring them to heel. (m/f, m/f/f, BDSM, sexual pain, spanking, oral sex, hair bondage, strap-on vibrator, clamps, sex with twins)


Love, Ink & Lycanthropes

Tess has never known a life away from the pack of werewolves she’s kin to. When she’s informed by the Alpha of the pack that he’s arranged her marriage to his Beta, she resists the animal attraction she feels for the man and rebels. Making her own way by running to the city, she discovers that the outside world is filled with both pleasures and perils, including kind strangers, an enraged fiance and a rival pack willing to resort to force to make her their own. (m/f, erotic romance, erotic sexual threatening, kidnapping, woman on top sex)



FREE! When Mrs. Pickman visits her son’s school to discuss his academic progress, she finds herself in a compromising position with his teacher. Will she surrender to the demand of his touch? The kids are away, but how long will their stolen moment last? This erotic quickie is short but rich with sizzling detail. In addition, you also receive four steamy excerpts from some of the finest erotic stories written and published by Corinna Parr! All for free!


Wetware Dreams

When Dorothy wakes from a dream of bonds, a laboratory and a frightening sexual tormenter, she thinks that she is safe from her own visions. Soon, however, the security of her suburban home is shaken by strange compulsions and erotic visitations. What kind of phantom stalks her unseen? Where does the dream end and the reality begin? (M/F, bondage, dubious consent, masturbation, voyeurism, paranormal ghost sex, virtual reality erotica)


Camping with Daddy

University student Allison has just lost her mother; when her stepfather William asks her if she’d like to embark on the family’s tradition of going on a spring camping one last time, as a way for them to both say good-bye to the woman they loved, she agrees. But when temperatures plunge and William has to act quickly to keep Allison from suffering a nasty case of hypothermia, the two of them realize that their affection for each other has become so much more. (M/F, pseudo-incest, sleeping sex, intercrural intercourse, cunnilingus, sex while camping)


Alcmene Again

Sofia’s reserved husband Arthur is home from the war, but he’s not the man he used to be. Now he’s adventurous. Lascivious. Sexually aggressive. As he forces Sofia into ever more extreme trysts, she is faced with the breadth and boundaries of her own desires. But one fear grows upon her with each heated exchange: the man who thrills her so may not be her husband at all. (M/F, public sex, anal sex, oral sex, exhibitionism, forced sex, sleeping sex)


Heat and Anger

On a hot day in the city, passions boil over. When a young woman flaunts herself in front of a group of drunkards, another man intrudes to push their game beyond its boundaries. Holding her by the wrists, he forces her into the wanton display that they all secretly crave. (M/F, force, voyeurism, exhibitionism, public play, breast slapping, quickie)


My Lover, My Brother

Smoking hot Lauren has returned from her first year of University wanting to catch up with her beloved step-brother Ryan. She’s caught off-guard by the sparks that fly between the two of them when Ryan spies her skinny-dipping in the pool. And when she stumbles across her step-brother in a compromising position with an old high school acquaintance during a lakeside bonfire party, Lauren realizes that resisting her perverted desires is a lot harder than it should be! (m/f pseudo-incest, public sex, voyeurism, contemporary naughtiness)


The Perfect Belt

Dark-haired Cassandra receives an unexpected visit from her lover at the department store where she works. When he takes command of the situation– and of her– she discovers that no matter where she goes, no matter what she’s doing, she is always his girl. A heated exploration into the mind of a dominant man and the pleasure that can come of playing in public. (M/F, BDSM, oral sex, masturbation, public play, quickie)


Craving the Crop

A BDSM quickie! Enter the mind of a novice submissive as she’s bound, blindfolded, and punished to the edge of her limits. Just when she thinks she can’t take any more, she’s taken beyond. (m/f, bdsm, sex with objects, pain)



The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book

Join our lusty narrator as she reminisces about the teenage encounters that made her what she is today: a woman who craves sex the way some crave chocolate! Warning: these memoirs contain masturbation in the shower, mutual masturbation in a school library, brazen seduction of a high school English teacher and a virgin’s deflowering! May cause sweaty palms, swelling and heart palpitations! (m/f x 2, masturbation, mutual masturbation, public sex, virgin sex)


The Zodiac Club: Part 1

Meet Gemini: rake, scoundrel, modern-day Puck and leader of a House in a secret society known as The Zodiac Club. Gemini has earned a reputation for being a trouble-maker and in this debut story, he proves to one unwary woman just how well that reputation is deserved. With elements of dominance and submission, secret sex-themed societies, scandalous public sex, creative punishment and revenge, The Zodiac Club is not for the faint of heart… They wouldn’t want it any other way.


Available from No Boundaries Press, Smashwords and major online retailers.


The Wild Hunt

A historical fantasy offering in which lovely young Cara finds herself targeted by the righteous and lust-filled men of her village. She’s marked as a virgin sacrifice for an ancient ritual, the outcome of which proves that there’s truth in the old legends after all. With elements of non-consent, violence and supernatural lovers, this tale walks the line between the steamy and the taboo. (M/M/M/M/F, M/F, force, oral, supernatural, historical, fantasy)


Staunchly Puritan Elizabeth is abducted by Indians from her home in the New England colonies. Forced to service her captor, she must confront the fleshly desires she has long suppressed. In the heart of the forest, she bears witness to a tribal ritual that will shake her faith and open her eyes to an ecstasy beyond what mortal man can offer. (M/F, F/deity, force, oral, supernatural, tentacles, historical, fantasy, epic)


Vanilla Offerings


Tasha and the Grey Wolf

This retelling of “The Firebird” brings a modern sensibility to the classic Russian folk tale. The handsome prince is presumptuous and greedy, the heroine thinks for herself, and true love is found…with a wolf?

Tasha and the Grey Wolf is a short story for adults who still love fairy tales, but enjoy a soupçon of spice in their sweeter fantasies. Available at Smashwords, and other major online retailers.

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