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eBook Covers for Sale!

I am now offering pre-made cover art and taking commissions for covers! Exciting! I’ve added six pre-mades to begin with and have a host of others to add in regularly (and as posted covers are moved to the sold category, hopefully!) so check back often! The quality is high, the prices are low and the process is simple, I think. I’ve worked hard to make certain each cover is as attractive in thumbnail view as it is full sized.

To find details on how to order, and to see the covers on offer, just click on the ‘eBook Covers for Sale’ tab right there at the top of the page, or click here.

I do have a stronger focus on erotic cover art but if you’d like something a little less naughty, I’d be happy to work with you to provide it. Email me at corinnaparr at gmail dot com, and we’ll chat.

Have a look!


New Cover

Sooo, as I tweeted yesterday, I set out to work a little more on my submission for the transgressive anthology.  Instead, I ended up writing a short story re-telling of the Russian folk tale, The Firebird. I made it through 2500 words without once saying fuck or cock and I’m not sure yet whether that will disappoint people.

This one came about as the result of reading a version of The Firebird to my son and agreeing with him that Ivan really was kind of a dink, and the wolf did all of the work. See for yourself.

Here’s the cover!



























Alas for the werewolf story lovers out there, it is not technically supernatural erotica. There is a sex scene but it’s brief and PG-13…think sweet rather than hot. I may still get around to writing a werewolf encounter but today is not that day. Maybe after I’ve finished up writing about the poor girl locked in a modified basement by a mysterious stranger.