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Captivity & The Wild Hunt at No Boundaries Press!

I don’t think I’ve gushed nearly enough about these ladies. Thank you. You’ve gone a long way to easing my distress over all of this.

I now have an Indie Author page over at the No Boundaries Press store. Captivity is available and The Wild Hunt should be up there soon as well (its inclusion has been delayed due to my having a synaptic misfire and sending Kharisma the files for a different story).

Links have been updated in the library (provided my brain didn’t malfunction there as well…no promises) and I think that brings me back to where I was before PayPal flexed its muscles.

Now I really can focus on what to write next. I’m torn between something simple and straightforward, like a m/m encounter, or getting a little fancy and setting myself up for a three parter involving a race of shape-changing mythological creatures in hiding in a modern day city…

Decisions, decisions.


Captivity and The Wild Hunt (briefly) unpublished

Captivity and The Wild Hunt are no longer available at Smashwords; I’ve just swept them into the archive over there. Bummer, right?

Except no! They’re not disappearing entirely. Tomorrow I’ll be submitting them both to the folks over at No Boundaries Press. They’ve gone above and beyond to provide an option to those who’ve seen their publishing library stripped of content. I have to give them kudos for not only providing this option, but also for responding quickly with all of the information I needed to make my decision.

Thank you, Kaleigha and Kharisma. You’re good people.

If anyone else has been affected by this, I can’t recommend No Boundaries Press enough as an alternative for your too naughty for PayPal books. See that hyperlink there? Click it.

Once everything’s been submitted and accepted (I know you folks must be swamped over there), I’ll be updating the Library tab above to reflect new links.

In a way, this has turned out to be a positive thing. Instead of just remaining content with one site (convenient as Smashwords is to those of us without experience in indie publishing), I’ve gotten off of my pert little derriere and also looked into publishing through Amazon. More options are a good thing, right?