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Christmas in October

I really should go through old folders more often. Today, while searching for the outline of a story, I discovered several files I haven’t looked at in years. Among them were three chapters of an erotic romance (totally over ten thousand words) set in a fantasy world, five thousand words of the start of an urban fantasy murder mystery with a satyr and a selkie who have to join forces to solve the crime, and (brace yourself) one piece that’s over seventy-two¬†thousand words, pre-editing.

72,000 words. More than a novel, and it’s only at the halfway mark of the story.

There’s yet another historical fantasy erotic epic set in a unique world that I haven’t tallied up yet, so far as word count goes, but I bet it rivals the big one.

Yeah. This is why it pays to check the dark, cobwebbed corners of your works in progress folders more often, people!

And here I thought I was behind in my making creative progress.

Edit: So I tallied up the word count on the previously untallied story and rushed back here all excited to update and then I couldn’t find the bloody edit button. How’s that for dumb? Almost as dumb as having another 32k words lurking in that works in progress folder.

You heard it here first, folks: Corinna is so much of a dork that she has over 100k of unpublished words just sittin’ around. ‘Cause because, that’s why.

I feel dum.

Edit #2: Also I suck at math. Make that 35k words.