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Throat = Sexy

Strepthroat = not so sexy.

Swallowing = Super sexy.

Swallowing with strepthroat= what the fuck who filled my throat with broken glass you bastards I hate you.

Wandering around with a spit cup…meh. Someone probably finds girls with spit cups sexy but it sure as hell isn’t me. I am sadface.

Also it was my birthday yesterday. Ushering in another year via intense pain! Maybe it was my sort of birthday after all. Still, I’d have preferred a flogger session or an hour with some hot wax or even ice cube  torture to this.



Tis the Season!

Happy holidays to my steadfast readers and to all of those who might happen across my blog in the next several weeks!

Since Discipline‘s release, I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of work, family responsibilities and, of course, writing. On the 21st, I’ll be traveling to visit family I haven’t seen in several years and I couldn’t be happier about it, but it does mean my output is going to suffer (whose doesn’t, this time of year? Work levels go down, waistband sizes go up, ho ho ho). So I’m trying to get as much done as I can.

What’s in the chute right now?

Into the Dreaming CityAt the moment, I’m near completion of a short fiction prequel to Wetware Dreams, which explores more of the post-apocalyptic world that story is set in and explains where our tormented heroine Dorothy comes from. Tentatively titled Into The Dreaming City, I think it will be a worthwhile (and hot!) read for anyone who enjoys having a rich plot to go hand in hand with their toe-curling non-con elements.

I’ve also been working on what may well end up as my first novel. After having discovered several unfinished manuscripts in the dark recesses of my computer, I took one of my favorites out and have been dusting it off. Editing is a painful process but it’s going to be worth it– I don’t know that the end product will be classed as erotica, though there will be plenty o’ sex in it, but I do know it’s the story of the sort I look for on bookshelves.  Thus far, I have around 18k words edited and I’m aiming for a final tally of 60-70k.

Of course, that’s going to take awhile, so I fully intend to keep naughty appetites satisfied by continuing with my short fiction efforts. I enjoy the genre far too much to turn away from it. So, after the New Year, look for further stories from my neck of the virtual woods! Until then, have yourselves a very merry holiday season, and a safe (sane and consensual!) New Year.

Christmas in October

I really should go through old folders more often. Today, while searching for the outline of a story, I discovered several files I haven’t looked at in years. Among them were three chapters of an erotic romance (totally over ten thousand words) set in a fantasy world, five thousand words of the start of an urban fantasy murder mystery with a satyr and a selkie who have to join forces to solve the crime, and (brace yourself) one piece that’s over seventy-two thousand words, pre-editing.

72,000 words. More than a novel, and it’s only at the halfway mark of the story.

There’s yet another historical fantasy erotic epic set in a unique world that I haven’t tallied up yet, so far as word count goes, but I bet it rivals the big one.

Yeah. This is why it pays to check the dark, cobwebbed corners of your works in progress folders more often, people!

And here I thought I was behind in my making creative progress.

Edit: So I tallied up the word count on the previously untallied story and rushed back here all excited to update and then I couldn’t find the bloody edit button. How’s that for dumb? Almost as dumb as having another 32k words lurking in that works in progress folder.

You heard it here first, folks: Corinna is so much of a dork that she has over 100k of unpublished words just sittin’ around. ‘Cause because, that’s why.

I feel dum.

Edit #2: Also I suck at math. Make that 35k words.

Wait, what? (Recess #6 on Amazon top 100 list!)

I tweeted about this when I first noticed it but I thought it was worth a blog post as well, and I’ve finally found a few free moments!

So, while I was paying attention to things that were not erotic (you know, like the job(s) and the kids and the cats and oh god all of that laundry; why can’t you be sexy, laundry?), Recess decided to sneak onto the Top 100 free erotica list on Amazon.com.

For serious. Have a look, it’s right there at number 6 (or maybe 7, it’s been fluctuating back and forth but mostly it’s at 6).

There I am, sandwiched between authors like Selena Kitt and Delilah Fawkes (she who led me to look into self-publishing erotica! Although she doesn’t know it because I’m shy; if you ever read this, Delilah, thank you!).

Let me say that again: I am on an Amazon top 100 list with Selena Kitt and Delilah Fawkes, two women who support themselves writing erotica. We  are in the top 10, eight months after I published my first erotic story. Okay, so are a lot of other people, and sure, it’s just the free stuff, but holy shit!

(No more profanity, I promise, I’ll save it for the next story! No more parenthesis either, honest, cross my heart.)

I spent about an hour and a half on the phone to my mother the other night exchanging “holy shit!”s with her, both of us squealing like co-eds with the quarterback’s hands in our panties. And I know that may seem odd, using an analogy like that when referencing one’s mother, but you have to understand my mom grew up in the 60s in California. I bet you a dollar she’s reading this and cackling.

Okay, maybe not. Sorry, Mom! No more schoolgirl analogies!

But she was right, when we finally stopped squealing and started actually talking, that this is just the beginning. The start of a life spent doing what I’ve always loved to do.

Why am I rambling on? Really, this is just a long lead into a HUGE thank you to those who have read my stories. I thanked you a few days ago and I meant it; I mean it even more now. You rock, every single one of you. With that sort of encouragement, how can I do anything other than continue writing?

Maybe next I’ll tackle putting more effort into marketing!

Okay, maybe not. Author, know thyself.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Look for The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book 2 later this week! I’ll be pricing it at $0.99!

Writing, writing, writing…

Keep that keyboard writing!

It’s been something of a challenge recently to keep the words flowing. I’ve taken on a second job and that combined with unseasonable heat seems to have sapped my creativity. However, with that said, I am in the process of working on two new pieces that should be done (relatively) soon!

First will be a sequel to The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book. Readers will be able to continue following the erotic adventures of our narrator as she moves out into the world and truly experiences life.

She’s blessed with a  spirited, open-minded, sensual existence that includes recognizing the potential for exhibitionism in a new apartment, her first sexual experience with another woman and her first threesome– as well as her first struggle with jealousy and her roommate’s steamy solution. I’ve been enjoying writing this. It’s been a challenge, yes, but it’s also been fun capturing a female/female sexual encounter in words– not just on the physical level but also on the emotional level.

Next will  be a collection of flash stories, each touching on a fresh and creative encounter. The title is still undecided but my recent forays into flash erotica have been well-received and I’d like to reward appreciation with more to whet the appetite. Flash is interesting because it’s so short– the challenge of creating a living snapshot with words without losing any vital and vivid detail is immense. It’s going well though, and I’m looking forward to seeing what reception it receives.

I’d also like to say thank you to the readers who have made the last few months such a joy for me, as a writer. I’ve received a lot of feedback and a lot of sales. It would be easy to write in a void, just for myself and for the enjoyment of writing; I’ve done it before. But to write what I love and then to put it out there online for others to enjoy as well, and to see such a response… it’s incredible.

Thank you. And thank you! And you over there, thank you as well! You’re why I do this, and why I continue to do this. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

Which sequel should I write?

My computer, which I had to take in for repair work this weekend, should be fixed by the end of the day. Writing has slowed down as a result of lacking the big machine– I’m a creature of habit, what can I say? I like my big keyboard– and I’ve missed being able to work on more cover templates too. But! Soon all will be as it was.

To celebrate, here is a poll to give me an idea of which story sequel I should focus on after Wetware Dreams is finished. I have ideas for each of these options but I can’t decide which to work on first! So please help me, dear readers: what would you like to see next?



Over 8000 words written for my anthology submission, and closing in on 5000 written for Alcmene Again. You know what that means? It means I really need to figure out a better title for the submission– my working title is kind of crap. I’m within one short section of finishing it and for the first time, I don’t have a solid title by that mark!

It’s a little embarrassing. But what would you title a story that involves a may-or-may-not-be-an-angel kidnapping and imprisoning a girl he claims is a descendant of the Nephilim and is also his own daughter?

Angel’s Child is cutting it as a working title but I need something a little more…more. More more. Something.

It is a sad state of affairs when words fail someone who touts themselves as a writer.

Future plans in no particular order, once current writing has been finished and edited:

1) Another pseudo-incest title, this time involving a stepfather and his stepdaughter, brought closer together by the death of his wife/her mother. There will be camping and sleeping bag sex. Mmm.

2) A modern take on Scheherazade. This might end up as a full-length collection, depending on how it works out.

3) Book Two of the Fifth Sun story. Elizabeth’s story was the prologue, I think it will pick up again with her son in adulthood. Sex magick warlocks and their pretty young “familiars” in the New World. Tasty!

4) I really want to plot out how to pull off a sexy version of Leda and the Swan without breaking bestiality laws. Best myth ever. This needs to be erotica.

5) Werewolves! No firm plot idea in place for this yet but I have a few vague ideas of how it might go. Hint: there will be sex.