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Camping with Daddy now at Smashwords and Amazon!

University student Allison has just lost her mother; when her stepfather William asks her if she’d like to embark on the family’s tradition of going on a spring camping one last time, as a way for them to both say good-bye to the woman they loved, she agrees. But when temperatures plunge and William has to act quickly to keep Allison from suffering a nasty case of hypothermia, the two of them realize that their affection for each other has become so much more.

With elements of pseudo-incest, sleeping naughtiness, sex in the great outdoors and emotional conflict, this 8000 word story is meant for adults only– and only those adults who can properly appreciate the taboo!

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Raw Excerpt – Camping with Daddy

For your Friday reading pleasure, here is a raw and unedited excerpt from my work in progress, Camping with Daddy.

Description: University student Allison has just lost her mother; when her stepfather William asks her if she’d like to embark on the family’s tradition of going on a spring camping one last time, as a way for them to both say good-bye to the woman they loved, she agrees.  But when temperatures plunge and William has to act quickly to keep Allison from suffering a nasty case of hypothermia, the two of them realize that their affection for each other has become so much more.  With elements of pseudo-incest, outdoor sex, sleeping naughtiness and emotional conflict, this is a story meant for adults only– and only those adults who can properly appreciate the taboo! Look for it on Smashwords and Amazon this weekend!

After Ally went to bed, William sat up for another couple of hours. It felt good to be out here, sitting in front of a fire and watching the stars wheel by overhead. His exchange with his stepdaughter had left him smiling and feeling reassured that maybe she didn’t want him out of her life entirely. Over the years, his fondness for her had blossomed into a deep and quiet love. It would have hurt to lose her too. Time wheeled by as he went back through his memories of the past several years.

It was only when he realized that his breath was fogging in front of his face that it struck him how cold it had become. The fire had burned down and the stars looked as if they’d dipped down towards the little camp to say howdy. He shivered and poked at the fire to make sure that it was safely banked, then stood to go to his tent.

Before he went in he cocked his head and listened. At first it seemed the little clearing was completely silent but after a moment, he thought he could hear something. The shudder of nylon, the click of teeth chattering together. Allison was freezing. Thoughts of sleep were pushed from his mind as he stepped close to her tent and listened again. That was definitely chattering teeth.

“Ally? Sweetheart?”

She didn’t answer but he heard the breath shiver out of her and his hand went to the tent’s zipper.

Freezing and fast asleep. He pushed into her tent and was greeted with the sight of a poof of blonde hair sticking out of the top of her sleeping bag. It was cold but William was used to that. He’d been coming out here for years now and was accustomed to the way the temperatures could dip. But they’d had pleasant weather on the last few trips, and while he’d made certain his stepdaughter had a good sleeping bag, he realized she might not have packed night clothes that could withstand colder temperatures. That suspicion was confirmed when he put his hand out to shake her into consciousness and the sleepy co-ed lifted herself up onto one elbow. In the gloom, he could see the gleam of one pale shoulder, completely bare but for the tiny spaghetti strap that curled over it. A  tank top, better suited to spring break in Cancun than here

“Wuh?” Her voice was muzzy and shaken by the shivering that wracked her body. William winced. She needed to be warmed up.

He climbed into the tent and zipped the opening behind him. Allison gave a little chatter of agreement and disappeared into the sleeping bag again. He could see the fabric shivering as she shuddered from the cold and it made him move quickly. He had to climb in there with her but there was no way he’d fit, dressed as he was in warm, bulky clothing. William stripped off his sweater and shimmied out of his pants. Leaving both his socks and his boxers on, he tugged at the opening of the sleeping bag to make room before squirming in behind Ally.

It was a tight fit, the bag hadn’t been designed for two people, and it was an icy fit besides. William felt as if he were wrapping himself around an icicle. As he curled his arms around the young woman and slipped his knee over her thighs to enfold her in the warmth of his body, he realized why she was so cool. His bare knee slid over equally bare skin, though hers was infinitely softer and smoother than his own. The fool girl was wearing that tank top and either panties, or just a very brief pair of shorts. It was an outfit that would get the pulse of any female-loving male going, in a normal setting. In this one, he felt a brief pulse of frustration with her before her almost violent shivering triggered worry again.

“Shhh,” he soothed as he pulled her back snugly against his lean chest, “shh, Ally. We’re going to get you warmed up, just try to relax, I’m here.”

She made a soft sound of complaint and shifted against him, trying to press in closer. Her squirming was pushing her hips against his crotch. William lowered his head and found himself with her soft hair tickling his nose. She smelled of sweet things: vanilla, fresh-baked bread, a hint of lemon. He tensed his arms around his stepdaughter and drew a careful breath. If she weren’t so cold, it would have been unpleasantly intimate in the confines of the sleeping bag. He felt himself flush.

Fortunately Allison didn’t seem to have come fully awake and had no concept of what her cuddling was doing to him. Will took another deep breath in through his nose and tried to ignore the stirring in his groin. He closed his eyes and thought of ice, of glacier-fed springs, of snow-capped mountaintops. He thought of Samantha, mother to the young woman in his arms.

It took longer than it should have to fade but eventually Allison’s shivering ebbed and William drifted into an uneasy sleep.

His dreams were of his late wife. They had honeymooned in a small bed and breakfast, never leaving the bed and having the breakfast delivered up each morning. In his dreams, they were twined together under the bed’s canopy of white gauze and William was exploring the curve of Samantha’s neck with his lips. He came to the bend where neck meets shoulder and let the tip of tongue drag over her skin. She tasted of vanilla, of fresh-baked bread. When he touched his teeth to her, her breath caught and she rocked her hips back against him, meeting his slow forward thrust.

It was exquisite, the way the soft inner flesh of her thighs gave way around his cock. He could feel the heat and moisture of her sex reaching for him. It would take only a slight adjustment of his hips to begin feeding his length into her but he held himself back from that. It was like fucking oiled satin, working himself back and forth between her legs, teasing himself and his wife with that slow, measured friction.

He held his breath as another careful thrust buried him between her thighs. He felt himself twitch. He could come like this, with the dome of his cock peeping out from the juncture between Samantha’s legs. Her buttocks were sweet and firm against him, flexed slightly from her own excitement. Feeling those deep muscles tensing led him into a shorter thrust, one designed to catch Sam’s clitoris.

She sighed and pressed her thighs together, trapping him there. The increased pressure wrapped around his shaft made the need to move imperative. William almost groaned at the way her body pulled at him when he began to draw his hips back. This thrust would finish him, he couldn’t hold off any longer…

But the blanket was tangled around them and he couldn’t move. He was throbbing, desperate to plunge forward but couldn’t get the space he needed. William shifted and made a sound of complaint.

And that was when he awoke, wrapped in the sleeping bag with Allison in his arms. It had grown warm– no, hot– while he’d slept. Her body was sweet against his, sweet and firm…

Now titled “Sharing a Sleeping Bag” and included in Forbidden Skin!

eBook Covers for Sale!

I am now offering pre-made cover art and taking commissions for covers! Exciting! I’ve added six pre-mades to begin with and have a host of others to add in regularly (and as posted covers are moved to the sold category, hopefully!) so check back often! The quality is high, the prices are low and the process is simple, I think. I’ve worked hard to make certain each cover is as attractive in thumbnail view as it is full sized.

To find details on how to order, and to see the covers on offer, just click on the ‘eBook Covers for Sale’ tab right there at the top of the page, or click here.

I do have a stronger focus on erotic cover art but if you’d like something a little less naughty, I’d be happy to work with you to provide it. Email me at corinnaparr at gmail dot com, and we’ll chat.

Have a look!

In the Works

Hello, internet! And a special hello to my international readers. This week has been a fruitful one for visits from all over the world. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? People from places I’ve seen only in books and television are popping in to have a peek.

Special thoughts go out to those in Indonesia who’ve been hit by not one but two immense earthquakes. I hope you’re safe and well.

A brief update here, it’s been busy and I haven’t written as much as I would like, but I’m a thousand words into my next story and working on nailing down the setting and plot points for another one. The rest of my free time has been spent playing with cover art, which continues to be a source of fun and inspiration. It almost makes me wish I’d gone to school to study graphic art but I admit I’m probably happier being self-taught.

Current story in the works is Camping with Daddy (the alternate title is Pitching His Tent because it is an option that makes me giggle. I probably won’t go with it though since the story elements are a little more somber), which will explore the beginning of a pseudo-incest relationship between a step-father and his step-daughter, following the death of his wife and her mother. I’m going to be dipping into themes of grieving, conflict, bonding…things common to everyone, I think. And of course, spiciness between the two, as temperatures dip in the mountains and they’re forced to huddle together in a single sleeping bag to stay warm.

Nephilim (past title, The Angel’s Child) has been submitted for Eden Connor’s transgressive erotica anthology. I’m proud of how that one turned out, and with how much I wrote for it. Not quite ten thousand words, but close.

The other story I mentioned, the one still being plotted out, is titled Wetware Dreams and is going to combine post-apocalyptic and cyberspace settings. How? Stay tuned to find out!

Craving the Crop has been selling like mad this past week and a half. It’s broken all of the previous records for my story sales and continues to do well, which is heartening. It really isn’t my strongest piece of writing, I have better works out there, but it’s captured readers’ fancy and I’m glad for that. I hope you’re all enjoying it!

And because I feel like showing off a little, have some cover art! If you have a favorite, let me know!

“Alcmene Again” Now Live at Amazon & Smashwords!

What if Greek gods were still around and up to their old tricks?

Sofia’s reserved husband Arthur is home from the war, but he’s not the man he used to be. Now he’s adventurous. Lascivious. Sexually aggressive. As he forces Sofia into ever more extreme trysts, she is faced with the breadth and boundaries of her own desires. But one fear grows upon her with each heated exchange: the man who thrills her so may not be her husband at all.

Warning: This story of almost 6000 words contains elements of exhibitionism and public sex, oral and anal intercourse, rough sex, and deception in the marital bed! For adults only!

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Alcmene Again