Week 2: 50% off Flash: A Collection, Wetware Dreams, Into the Dreaming City & Nephilim!

This week brings us Valentine’s Day! And, in the spirit of this sale, we’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day the way I like to celebrate Valentine’s Day– with 50% off of some of my tastiest non-consensual erotica!

That’s right, readers: if you have a hankering for post-apocalyptic or modern and modern fantasy settings, if being forced to like what’s being done to you curls your toes, if you like your literary erotica to be explicit, then this is the sale for you. This week, until February 16th, I’ve set up a coupon on for Flash: A Collection of Erotic ShortsWetware Dreams and its prequel, Into the Dreaming City, and Nephilim. 

Check out the descriptions below, and click on the covers to be taken to your naughty novella of choice!

Flash: A Collection of Erotic Shorts



 A TV anchorwoman is abducted and held captive by a mysterious man who professes feelings for her, but who seems to draw strength from her suffering. As the last days of high school trickle away, a geek gets lucky in the back of his friend’s car. Two strangers play a game of exhibition and arousal on a crowded subway train. A young wife pleads for her husband’s job with the manager of a taxi company, and ends up buying his cooperation with her own body.

Flash is a collection of four short stories, together totaling over 6000 words, that showcase erotic topics from sweet to spicy, pleasurable to painful. Whether you prefer to savor slowly or consume all at once, there’s something for everyone in this erotically charged collection.


Wetware Dreams


When Dorothy wakes from a dream of bonds, a laboratory and a frightening sexual tormentor, she thinks that she is safe from her own visions. Soon, however, the security of her suburban home is shaken by strange compulsions and erotic visitations. What kind of phantom stalks her unseen? Where does the dream end and the reality begin?

This story of almost five thousand words is filled with smoldering suspense, eerie eroticism and a world where nothing is quite as it seems– except for the searing orgasms.



Into the Dreaming City


Imagine a post-apocalyptic wasteland populated by ragged survivors. Morals have gone the way of civilization; when young Dorothy’s family encounters a band of desperadoes, poor choices on both sides lead to her being taken as a prize by the group. Afraid and overwhelmed by new experiences, exposed to events she’d never imagined, her survival hangs in the balance, dependent upon a decision made by the group’s leader– will she remain with them or will she be sold to the caretakers of The Dreaming City?

This novelette should be considered NSFW, and contains over 14,000 words with elements of violence, bloodshed, strong language, non-consensual sexual contact and group sex. Viewer discretion is advised!




“When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. … The Nephilim were on the earth in those days — and also afterwards — when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them.” 

(Genesis 6:1-2, 4; New International Version)

When a young woman awakens in a white room, without any memory of how she came to be there, she finds herself the captive of a cruel but strangely alluring man. Sam, as he calls himself, tells her that she’s the descendent of angels and that her heritage is the key to unfathomable power– if she has the strength to undergo the process of unlocking her abilities. That process tests both her body and her spirit as she is subjected to the highest peaks of pleasure and the most terrible pain that she can imagine. Through it all, as Sam stakes his claim to her very being, she has to struggle with one crucial question: is she being held by a madman or is she the Earth’s last Nephilim?

This novelette of over 10,000 words contains explicit adult material, including descriptions of pseudo-incest, knifeplay and dubious consent. If you can’t handle this brand of heat, stay well away or risk being consumed!


Week 1: 50% off of Forbidden Skin, Escape 1 & 2, and Discipline!

Let the sale begin! Each of the listed coupon codes are valid at until February 8th. Just click on the image below to choose a book, add the book to your shopping cart, input the code (which is NOT case sensitive) during the check out process and voila! 50% off of your eBook, in the format of your choice (epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt!).

Forbidden Skin


Forbidden Skin brings together a collection of Corinna Parr’s finest and most popular stories in a sizzling exploration of the taboo. In their own way, each of these stories has challenged the boundary of acceptable sexuality, from novelettes such as “Nephilim” to short stories like “Alcmene Again”. Weaving the sensual with the fantastic, the sharp with the sweet, the forbidden with the permissible, here are ten delicious offerings for the price of one, guaranteed to have you coming back again, and again, and again…

Forbidden Skin is approximately 75,000 words, ten stories, one full-length collection of erotic encounters, intended for open-minded adults only!



Escape: Volume 1


A young woman changed to serve the pleasure and schemes of a Fae Lord, the young man made a monster who both loves and torments her, and the secrets locked in her memory that hold the promise of their escape– if they can unlock them before they’re found by those who fear their freedom. It’s a dangerous race through the bizarre borderlands between the Fae realm and our mortal world!

Escape is a full-length novella, the first volume in a three part series exploring a modern dark fantasy borderland between the realm of Faerie, where reality is manipulated by the cruel inhuman desires of the Fae, and our own modern world. Some might call it literary erotica, others erotic literature but all agree– the story here is as toe-curling as the sexual tension!

Escape, Volume Two


The 2nd of 3 novellas: Geneva and Stephen learn more about the Faerie borderland they now occupy, and gain new traveling companions: a malevolent puppet, a lusty pixie and Clybourn, a man who was human as they were, but far, far older. While navigating strange bargains, powerful talismans and the puppet Punch’s foul sense of humor, they also rediscover the intimacy they shared.

This is a novella sequel of modern fantasy, darkness, danger, romance, sex, and perhaps even love. It is intended for audiences who appreciate dark humor, erotic adult situations and above all else, a good story.





What happens when a lifestyle submissive who’s lost her husband-owner and a novice dominant who hasn’t yet found his stride in the scene meet? When Caroline is approached by Joshua with an unusual proposition, she hesitates. But she can’t deny that there’s something endearing about Joshua, and there’s an itch that she hasn’t been able to scratch in years, one that he might be able to satisfy.

Discipline is a novelette of over twelve thousand words, a story without billionaire dominants but with plenty of BDSM. If you enjoy or are curious about power exchange, and if you like mixing your pleasure with pain, this is the book for you!

Discounted eBooks every week in February!

Starting Saturday, February 1st, I will be providing 50% off coupon codes for several of my eBooks at a time, over at  Each week, the eBooks will change but the discount will remain the same! 50% off!

So check here each Saturday in February to see what’s gone on sale. The first list of discounted eBooks goes up this Saturday afternoon!

More free erotica? Yes! “Wetware Dreams” free until 8-25!

From today until August 25th, Wetware Dreams will be free on! Just click on the image over there to be taken to the page, and enter coupon code CS53F to receive your free copy of this suspenseful sci-fi erotic story!


When Dorothy wakes from a dream of bonds, a laboratory and a frightening sexual tormenter, she thinks that she is safe from her own visions. Soon, however, the security of her suburban home is shaken by strange compulsions and erotic visitations. What kind of phantom stalks her unseen? Where does the dream end and the reality begin?

This story of almost five thousand words is filled with smoldering suspense, eerie eroticism and a world where nothing is quite as it seems– except for the searing orgasms.

Contains bondage, voyeurism, masturbation, dubious consent, forced orgasm, and paranormal ghost sex in a virtual reality setting!

The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book and The Perfect Belt 25% off!

Do you have a craving for public sex, BDSM or the exploration of a young woman’s sexual awakening?

Use the coupon code REW25 at check-out and receive 25% off of both The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book and The Perfect Belt at Smashwords! Come celebrate Read an eBook Week with me!

The Perfect Belt
Dark-haired Cassandra receives an unexpected visit from her lover at the department store where she works. When he takes command of the situation– and of her– she discovers that no matter where she goes, no matter what she’s doing, she is always his girl. A heated exploration into the mind of a dominant man and the pleasure that can come of playing in public. (M/F, BDSM, oral sex, masturbation, public play)



The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book
Join our lusty narrator as she reminisces about the teenage encounters that made her what she is today: a woman who craves sex the way some crave chocolate! Warning: these memoirs contain masturbation in the shower, mutual masturbation in a school library, brazen seduction of a high school English teacher and a virgin’s deflowering! May cause sweaty palms, swelling and heart palpitations! (m/f x 2, masturbation, mutual masturbation, public sex, virgin sex)

Oh, beginnings.

I’ve been writing for years and years now but I’ve never formally published anything. Something always got in the way, whether it was the circumstances of life requiring my attention elsewhere, or my own nervousness about whether or not anyone would enjoy my work.

Well, that’s about to change.

I’ve been watching the process of ePublishing for awhile now and I’ve finally decided to jump into the pool myself. I’ll be skinny-dipping in that pool, really: I’ve decided to go ahead and begin publishing my erotic stories through They’re an incredible service and I’m excited to have found them. I’m excited too that I’ve finished formatting an older story of mine. It’s now ready to be submitted for publication into various eBook formats. As soon as my beloved muse and editor has had a look at it, I’ll be taking the plunge! Naked, as it were!

This blog will be a place to advertise my recent publications, to offer up news and discounts to any faithful readers I happen to win over along the way and to contemplate my own navel.

In short, a little of anything and everything, but with a focus on all things erotic, creative and oh so naughty.

To that end, you can find my Smashwords profile at and my Twitter profile linked to the right.

Keep an eye out for my first submission, The Wild Hunt! This is a historical fantasy offering in which lovely young Cara finds herself targeted by the righteous and lust-filled men of her village. She’s marked as a virgin sacrifice for an ancient ritual, the outcome of which proves that the old stories were right about most things…but certainly not all. With elements of non-consent, violence and supernatural lovers, I try to walk the line between the steamy and the taboo.