Twelve Sentence Saturday!

Mackayla over at Mackayla’s Book Reviews is hosting a Twelve Sentence Saturday and I thought I’d join in on the fun.

Confession: I am a blog hop virgin! You don’t have to be gentle but remember the importance of foreplay and don’t be shy with the lube!

I chose my 12 from The Nymphomaniac’s Pillow Book 2.


With the light from the hallway filtering in behind her, I saw the same half-smile on her lips that she always wore. Then I lost sight of it when she bent down and set her mouth against mine.

In that first moment, the kiss was no more intimate than any kiss shared between friends. A kiss of greeting held more heat. I think she made it so to keep from frightening me, not knowing that I craved such things, every minute of every day. I took what she offered then and as the pressure of her lips on mine lingered, I learned the unique softness of a woman’s mouth. The fragile warmth, the delicate weave of her skin brushing mine, the tender give of flesh to flesh.

And then her tongue, oh, just the tip of her tongue as it teased by my lips, its shape asking me to open to her. A request rather than a demand, a sweet caress of heat and moisture and the first taste of her. Mint and salt and living breath washing over my tongue as my lips parted around that tendril of flesh, as my tongue brushed around hers.

This is the other difference between men and women: while Joanna kissed me, deeply and truly, she did nothing else. As if there was nothing in the world for her but my mouth beneath hers, the sharing between us of sensation. 

(If you’re intrigued, you can find the rest at Amazon or Smashwords for further sampling or purchase for only 99 cents!)