Once again, I am too hot for Amazon.

And Kobo as well!

As of this date, Amazon has banned and blocked from publication four of my books. Kobo has also blocked four. It’s amusing that they haven’t been able to agree on which items were objectionable; they’ve both chosen to ban different texts on their respective sites. So far other retailers haven’t given into the fuss but there’s no telling whether that will last. I did attempt to edit and resubmit to Amazon but they were having none of it. Corinna’s just too hot to handle.

What this means for my readers is that Smashwords is now the only site that carries all of my eBooks. If you have a craving for taboo erotica, you can find my uncensored library here: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/corinnaparr

It’s a bit of a bummer, I’ll admit. Amazon did more for me in reaching a larger audience than other sites have. But the hypocrisy, inconsistent policing of policies and willingness to ask “How high?” when sensationalist media says “Jump!”, I am hesitant to continue publishing there. Maybe I’ll change my mind as time goes on, but since this Indie erotica witch hunt seems to crop up on a yearly basis, somehow I doubt it.


4 thoughts on “Once again, I am too hot for Amazon.

  1. This sounds like pretty typical treatment for ground breakers. Do you think your text was more extreme than the Shades of Gray series?

    • I haven’t read the series, the style of writing kept me from getting too far into it. But I can safely say that I did not touch on subjects that aren’t lovingly described in books that remain on the website, published by both Indie authors and big publishing houses. So it’s an arbitrary knee-jerk reaction on their part.

  2. Sorry to hear it. I’ve had that happen to some of mine at Kobo and Amazon. Also Apple. I’ve been able to work with Amazon to get mine (re)listed. I have had one pulled from Amazon, and I edited the description — a real pain, since you have to guess what word of phrase might be causing all the fuss — is it babysitter? Teenager? who knows — and resubmitted only to have it BLOCKED. What I did was respond to the person who originally blocked it and ask to try and edit the description again. Fortunately for me that worked. It was deemed “okay” on the next review. I haven’t had as good luck with Apple. And it looks like I’m in the same boat with Kobo. Titles keep slipping away from Kobo each time I look. I think I’m down 4 titles at Kobo, which has never been a big seller anyhow, but it’s hard to make money in the best of times, so I’m not happy to have my titles bounced arbitrarily.

    You’ve got some good work. I read something of yours — Recess — and was very impressed. Try not to let it get you down. The good news is that these standards change each week, it seems. So there is always a chance to get re-posted. It seems like you have to factor this in as the cost of doing business in erotica writing.

    Good luck!

    • Good on you for keeping at it, and getting them to give you that extra chance. I did try to open a dialogue about a couple of the yanked titles but I must’ve ended up with the cranky CSRs. I wish you the best of luck too! It does seem that this is something authors will just need to be aware of and work with as best they can.

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