“Kergulen” by R.A. White: Now with a Corinna Parr Cover!

kergulenDo you love fantasy that includes not only adventure but also struggles and themes that resonate today? Then you have to check this novel out– and not only because it has a new cover by yours truly!

Kergulen, by R. A. White

A girl with the eyes of a witch escapes her abusive master, but instead of a happy ending she finds Kergulen, a land where the monsters are only slightly more terrifying than the people. As she struggles to stay alive in this new country, Rima must master the capacity for inner freedom and true friendship if she hopes to create a life worth living.

Rima is not a typical heroine; her misadventures involve universal issues such as racism and self-doubt, but also include the occasional monster or dragon. The entire Kergulenite forest works in harmony to keep Kergulen’s secrets safe from Rima and the rest of the world.

Will uncovering Kergulen’s mysteries give Rima the freedom she dreams of, or will she be condemned because she knows too much?

Available on Amazon.com!


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