Into the Dreaming City now available on Smashwords!

Into the Dreaming City

Edit: As of 2/10/13, Amazon has decided that Into the Dreaming City is inappropriate for their marketplace and removed it from the site. I apologize to those who were looking for it there.

Into the Dreaming City is the dark erotica novelette prequel to Wetware Dreams, also by Corinna Parr.

Imagine a post-apocalyptic wasteland populated by ragged survivors. Morals have gone the way of civilization; when young Dorothy’s family encounters a band of desperadoes, poor choices on both sides lead to her being taken as a prize by the group. Afraid and overwhelmed by new experiences, exposed to events she’d never imagined, her survival hangs in the balance, dependent upon a decision made by the group’s leader– will she remain with them or will she be sold to the caretakers of The Dreaming City?

This novelette should be considered NSFW, and contains over 14,000 words with elements of violence, bloodshed, strong language, non-consensual sexual contact and group sex. Viewer discretion is advised!

You can find it on Smashwords HERE.


2 thoughts on “Into the Dreaming City now available on Smashwords!

  1. What do you think caused Amazon to ban it? I’ve had that happen and I’ve softened the scenes a little and managed to get a banned book back on Amazon. Apple is a little trickier. If you fall afoul of the Apple sensors, it’s hard to redeem the book with edits. Or at least, I haven’t had much luck.

    Congrats on the new book. Best of luck with it.

  2. I am intrigue into the erotic ebooks and have decided to write my own.I am doing the research as in type and styles of writing but as well as different erotic question is without being too personal. What kind of financial supplement should I exoect in my persuit of this plan if I am just a little sucessful? Also smashwords rejected. Your ebook how come? What is considered a decent length of a book.I have read some 15 page erotic short stories that were just too short,simple in a childlike writing manner that didn’t even challenge me at all.

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