“Discipline” coming soon!

My faithful readers have waited long enough! Soon I’ll have my next story finished and I, for one, have to say that it’s about time. I get antsy if I go for too long without publishing something for you fine folks, but at the same time I want to make sure that what is out there under my name is worth the price of purchase.

I’m getting there!

Introducing Discipline, a novelette about a lifestyle submissive who’s lost her husband-owner of many years and a novice dominant who hasn’t yet found his stride in the scene. When Caroline is approached by Joshua with an unusual proposition, she hesitates– she hasn’t scened with anyone since before she was married, and she’s only just set aside her grief over losing her owner and husband. But she can’t deny that there’s something endearing about Joshua, and there’s an itch that she hasn’t been able to scratch in years, one that he might be able to satisfy.

Is she ready, though? And is she able to teach from the bottom, when it’s nearly impossible to fight the temptation to sink into sub space? After their first disastrous attempt, her best friend Lisa doesn’t think so and Caroline isn’t sure that Joshua will even want to try again.

But Caroline is nothing if not stubborn and besides… she really, really wants to make it up to the man who set her nerves on fire before it all went sideways.



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