Over 8000 words written for my anthology submission, and closing in on 5000 written for Alcmene Again. You know what that means? It means I really need to figure out a better title for the submission– my working title is kind of crap. I’m within one short section of finishing it and for the first time, I don’t have a solid title by that mark!

It’s a little embarrassing. But what would you title a story that involves a may-or-may-not-be-an-angel kidnapping and imprisoning a girl he claims is a descendant of the Nephilim and is also his own daughter?

Angel’s Child is cutting it as a working title but I need something a little more…more. More more. Something.

It is a sad state of affairs when words fail someone who touts themselves as a writer.

Future plans in no particular order, once current writing has been finished and edited:

1) Another pseudo-incest title, this time involving a stepfather and his stepdaughter, brought closer together by the death of his wife/her mother. There will be camping and sleeping bag sex. Mmm.

2) A modern take on Scheherazade. This might end up as a full-length collection, depending on how it works out.

3) Book Two of the Fifth Sun story. Elizabeth’s story was the prologue, I think it will pick up again with her son in adulthood. Sex magick warlocks and their pretty young “familiars” in the New World. Tasty!

4) I really want to plot out how to pull off a sexy version of Leda and the Swan without breaking bestiality laws. Best myth ever. This needs to be erotica.

5) Werewolves! No firm plot idea in place for this yet but I have a few vague ideas of how it might go. Hint: there will be sex.


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