Excerpt from “Alcmene Again”

If you were like me, there was a period in your life when you were mad for myths. I devoured every book on mythology that I could find in both school and public libraries. I dreamed myths day and night. Eventually the urgency of that miniature addiction wore off but I do still love them.

Here’s an excerpt of one of my works in progress, titled “Alcmene Again”. If you’re familiar with Alcmene’s story, you’ll know the twist. If not…I’m not going to give it away! Details may change through the writing and editing process, but I wanted to give a little taste here. Something to look forward to, mm?

Without further ado:

She was surprised by the force of Arthur’s kiss, the way he crushed her full lips and then tugged them into the shapes that pleased him. Sofia gave a little whimper that was stifled when his tongue speared her mouth. It was wet and muscular and he swept the cusp of her throat, threatening her air. Arthur’s arms closed like bands of metal around her waist and he pressed her hips against his. Borne back by his mouth and forward by his clutch, her body arched under him. She wondered if they might topple to the floor, entangled.

Struggling to match the eagerness of his tongue, Sofia realized that Arthur was rock hard beneath his dress green slacks. His erection dimpled the inside of her thigh. She was seized by the notion of wrapping her legs around him, easing that cock towards her sex. But they were in a public airport! The image of herself clinging to him with her skirt around her waist, her buttocks and flimsy purple thong exposed, replaced that rush of heat with embarrassment.

Arthur broke his kiss and Sofia gasped.

“I’m so glad to see you,” he said.

“I can tell,” she murmured.

Arthur drove them away from the airport. They talked about little things, still somewhat bewildered by the novelty of one another’s presence. Arthur said nothing about his tour of duty and Sofia thought it best not to ask. She was a little worried, but he seemed happy, relaxed, comfortable. He smiled and gestured often as he talked.

His eyes never quite left the road, but Sofia saw him stealing glances at her tawny, sunlit thighs in the seat beside him. Half-consciously, she pressed her legs together and tugged on the hem of her skirt. Those glances became longer and more frequent until his conversation trailed away.

After a silence, Arthur said, “I see you’ve brought me a present.”

Sofia started to ask him what he meant, but her breath caught. Arthur had taken one hand from the wheel and curled it over her left thigh. His nails dug into the toned flesh between them. Moving his wrist, he pushed up her dress until the violet gloss of her panties peeked between her thighs.

Sofia’s breathing quickened and she shifted in her seat. “Arthur…” she admonished softly.


“Let me see it,” he said. “Spread your legs.”

His fingers were very strong. They worked down to her sex and stroked the lips through her panties, teasing up a curl of heat behind them. Arthur seemed to know just where her clitoris was, and when he rubbed it through the silk, she shuddered despite herself.

He was relentless. Her breath thickened into a gasp. She could feel herself swelling, aching for more of his touch. Her body didn’t care that they were moving down a busy street.


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