Mad Cover Skills?

I’m finding that I’m enjoying whipping up covers for my stories as much as I do writing them and I’m wondering if it’s something I should offer as a service. How does one get into that sort of thing? What’s a decent price? It doesn’t take me very long, I couldn’t imagine asking for more than ten or fifteen dollars for a simple cover with image + title + author’s name (provided the image is provided). Maybe a bit more for layered manipulations.

Does anyone out there reading do this? Any advice to give?

Some examples:


2 thoughts on “Mad Cover Skills?

    • Hi Narcisse, thanks for stopping by and thank you for the vote of confidence, that’s encouraging to hear you say!

      If I were actually trained and a professional, I would probably agree. But I’m self-taught, and not sure that anyone would pay that much for a simple cover from an amateur?

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