My Lover, My Brother now live on Amazon.

I probably wouldn’t have been so determined to publish this one if it weren’t my very first naughty (step)siblings story. I finished it the very day PayPal brought the hammer down on Smashwords.

So, to see it up in lights on Amazon…that feels oh so good. I feel like doing an erotica-themed victory lap! Which will sadly have to wait until my gentleman returns home and is available to, ah, pace me. Ah well! Until then I will bask.

Click here to grab yourself a copy!

Smoking hot Lauren has returned from her first year of University wanting to catch up with her beloved step-brother Ryan. She’s caught off-guard by the sparks that fly between the two of them when Ryan spies her skinny-dipping in the pool. And when she stumbles across her step-brother in a compromising position with an old high school acquaintance during a lakeside bonfire party, Lauren realizes that resisting her perverted desires is a lot harder than it should be!

Warning: This erotic short story of over 7000 words is intended for adult readers only! Expect strong language and explicit scenes of consensual sex between two unrelated adults.


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