Captivity & The Wild Hunt at No Boundaries Press!

I don’t think I’ve gushed nearly enough about these ladies. Thank you. You’ve gone a long way to easing my distress over all of this.

I now have an Indie Author page over at the No Boundaries Press store. Captivity is available and The Wild Hunt should be up there soon as well (its inclusion has been delayed due to my having a synaptic misfire and sending Kharisma the files for a different story).

Links have been updated in the library (provided my brain didn’t malfunction there as well…no promises) and I think that brings me back to where I was before PayPal flexed its muscles.

Now I really can focus on what to write next. I’m torn between something simple and straightforward, like a m/m encounter, or getting a little fancy and setting myself up for a three parter involving a race of shape-changing mythological creatures in hiding in a modern day city…

Decisions, decisions.


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