Ouch. Smashword’s new erotica policy.

Or I suppose I should say, ouch, PayPal turning the screws to force Smashwords to adopt a new policy.

I just opened up my email to discover a new message from Mark Coker outlining the changes regarding rape/noncon erotica, bestiality and incest. It’s a bit of a double blow (ha) to me: two of the five stories I have published so far involve non-consensual scenes, and the story I was intending to publish tonight was twin incest-themed.

It looks like I’ll have to pull The Wild Hunt and Captivity from my library, which is a shame. Captivity, especially. That one wasn’t written with rape as titillation in mind; it actually comes as the prologue for a novel-length exploration of an alternative historical world. I think it stands on its own as literature (but I admit to some bias).

I’ll be pulling them down shortly, if there’s anyone out there who wants to grab a copy ASAP. And it seems I’ll have to return to the drawing board to write up a new story for publication. A week’s worth of work, for nothing! Ah well, I’m pleased with the cover anyway and it was decent practice. See?

Now to dream up what to write next.

Edit: Just re-read the email. The Wild Hunt and Captivity will remain online on Smashwords (and presumably on Barnes & Noble, for the first) until Sunday night, then they come down. There’s your deadline, alternative historical fantasy non-con lovers!


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