Oh, beginnings.

I’ve been writing for years and years now but I’ve never formally published anything. Something always got in the way, whether it was the circumstances of life requiring my attention elsewhere, or my own nervousness about whether or not anyone would enjoy my work.

Well, that’s about to change.

I’ve been watching the process of ePublishing for awhile now and I’ve finally decided to jump into the pool myself. I’ll be skinny-dipping in that pool, really: I’ve decided to go ahead and begin publishing my erotic stories through Smashwords.com. They’re an incredible service and I’m excited to have found them. I’m excited too that I’ve finished formatting an older story of mine. It’s now ready to be submitted for publication into various eBook formats. As soon as my beloved muse and editor has had a look at it, I’ll be taking the plunge! Naked, as it were!

This blog will be a place to advertise my recent publications, to offer up news and discounts to any faithful readers I happen to win over along the way and to contemplate my own navel.

In short, a little of anything and everything, but with a focus on all things erotic, creative and oh so naughty.

To that end, you can find my Smashwords profile at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/corinnaparr and my Twitter profile linked to the right.

Keep an eye out for my first submission, The Wild Hunt! This is a historical fantasy offering in which lovely young Cara finds herself targeted by the righteous and lust-filled men of her village. She’s marked as a virgin sacrifice for an ancient ritual, the outcome of which proves that the old stories were right about most things…but certainly not all. With elements of non-consent, violence and supernatural lovers, I try to walk the line between the steamy and the taboo.


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